🧊 Glacier Update (v1.8.67) 🧊

The following improvements have been made to the Glacier API:



Remove Spam Tokens from Balances Endpoint

Users can now pass in an optional query parameter filterSpamTokens when getting balances for a particular address to filter out balances of tokens that we've determined to be spam. By default, the route will now filter spam tokens unless filterSpamTokens=false.

Try it out here!

Primary Network


New sorting and filtering parameters in the List Validators endpoint

In the List Validators endpoint, users can now sort validators by Block Index, Delegation Capacity, Time Remaining, Delegation Fee, or Uptime Performance.

Users can also filter by validator uptime performance using minUptimePerformance and maxUptimePerformance and by fee percentage using minFeePercentage and maxFeePercentage



Get addresses associated with a webhook

A new API endpoint has been added to enable users to list all addresses associated with a webhook