Webhook service launched 🎉

The new webhook service allows you to receive blockchain data in real-time. With Glacier Webhooks, you can monitor real-time events on the Avalanche C-chain and subnets. For example, you can monitor smart contract events, track NFT transfers, and observe wallet-to-wallet transactions.


  • Subnet enabled: Support for C-chain mainnet, testnet, and subnets within the Avalanche ecosystem, ensuring wide-ranging monitoring capabilities.
  • Real-time notifications: Receive immediate updates on specified on-chain activities without making many RPC calls.
  • Customizable: Specify the desired event type to listen for, customizing notifications according to individual requirements.
  • Secure: Employ shared secrets and signature-based verification to guarantee that notifications originate from a trusted source.

Use cases

  • NFTs: Get instant alerts for NFT minting, transfers, sales, and other marketplace activities, ensuring up-to-date data and immediate notifications for successful ERC721 and ERC1155 NFT transactions.
  • Wallets: Receive alerts when an address performs actions such as sending, receiving, or swapping assets.
    DeFi: Receive notifications for various DeFi activities such as liquidity provisioning, yield farming, borrowing, lending, and liquidations.
  • Smart contracts: Monitor your smart contract events by specifying contracts and on-chain events of interest. Add the contract address, to receive the necessary events, addresses, and internal transactions efficiently.

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