Welcome to the Glacier API

What is the Glacier API?

The Glacier API provides web3 application developers with multi-chain data related to Avalanche's primary network, Avalanche Subnets, and Ethereum. With Glacier, you can easily build products that leverage real-time and historical transaction and transfer history, native and token balances, and various types of token metadata. The API is in Beta and may be subject to change.

API Features

  • Transactions and UTXOs - easily retrieve details related to transactions, UTXOs, and token transfers from Avalanche EVMs, Ethereum, and Avalanche's Primary Network - the P-Chain, X-Chain and C-Chain.
  • Blocks - retrieve latest blocks and block details
  • Balances - fetch balances of native, ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens along with relevant metadata.
  • Tokens - augment your user experience with asset details.
  • Staking - get staking related data for active and historical validations.


If you have feedback or feature requests for the API, please submit them here. Bug reports can be submitted here, and any potential security issues can be reported here.